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Queenstown - Airport, New Zealand

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Meet and greet

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43 Brookes Road, Frankton, Queenstown 9371

Opening Hours

Travel Restrictions:

Restrictions and fees may apply if you are to travel across island or across country. Specific policy would be provided after you submit destinations of islands or countries you desire to travel at the time of booking. You are advised to consult the rental counter about related restrictions and fees prior to your trip and read Rental Agreement carefully. Final invoice will specify the charges incurred.

Useful Information

Car Type Description

The vehicles tagged “or similar” are displayed with images of similar cars in the same category. Vehicle make, model and color are not guaranteed at pick-up. However, you are entitled to a vehicle with the same passenger and luggage capacity in the same category.

If the car rental agent fails to provide you with a car of the same category, you are entitled to a refund or free upgrade.

If it is stipulated as "model guaranteed", the make and model of the vehicles are guaranteed at pick-up.

Fuel policy

Fuel Policy

Full to Full

Pick up and drop off the car with a full tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank, the car hire company will charge the refuelling charges.


① Confirm with the rental counter about applicable fuel type of the vehicle and make sure you choose the right type when you refuel it.

② Take photos of the total mileage and fuel gauge at the time of pick-up and return and keep the last refueling documents. These materials would be helpful in the case of dispute over fuel, especially under full-to-full fuel policy.

Pickup Information

When you ready for pick-up, please call 03 420 2878 (New Zealand Local)

+(00)64 3 420 2878 (International), and please walkthrough to Transfer Area, and wait at the Transfer Area around 10 minutes for transfer depending on traffic. If you delay or pick up out of the office hour (08:00-18:00), you will be charged 35 NZD/time for pick up.

Dropoff Information

Please return the car to the 43 Brookes Road, Frankton, Queenstown, then the staff will send you back to the airport. If you need to return the car out of opening hours, please contact us in advance. If you delay to drop off out of the office hour (08:00-18:00), you will be charged 35 NZD/time. The emergency telephone number is 0064-21 08806158.